Speaker "Francesco Dominidiato" - Cloud Day
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Francesco Dominidiato

CTO - Docebo

I work proudly and passionately for a team of highly skilled individuals with whom I share common vision and objectives.
My personal conduct and leadership style are defined by cooperation and constructive partnership with employees and customers, as well as striving for optimum service and maximum satisfaction among customers.
I firmly believe that digital transformation and technological innovation are possible only through a radical cultural change.
I love scouting IT talents and facilitate their work and I’m a strong believer in nurturing self-directed teams.
I embrace Agile and Lean core values since I have experienced the high effectiveness of these practices in the day-by-day work. I master all major Agile development frameworks. I use and coach a number of Agile and Lean practices daily.
I actively participate to the developers and Agile-world communities, as well as Tech MeetUp.
I love the design of distributed architectures, identifying the bounded contexts and the communication between them.
I'm a perfectionist and expect consistency, accuracy and high quality of work.

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