Sessione Blazing fast serverless with Rust - Cloud Day 2022
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Blazing fast serverless with Rust

Lingua: Italiano
Orario: 12:15  -  13:00

Even if you can use almost any language to build your serverless app, some choices provide great advantages in terms of speed, which translates into more cost-effective functions. In this talk, we explore how to match Rust programming language, AWS SAM, and AWS Lambda millisecond billing.

In this talk a brief introduction to Rust language will be provided, with a focus on its parallel processing capabilities, then a sample machine learning inference project is presented which pulls records from AWS Kinesis Serverless to perform customer churn prediction, then save the result back in a queue. Rust capabilities in parallel data processing and fast runtime execution are compared to standard Javascript and Python approaches to solving the same problem. Some details are provided also about how to use AWS SAM to set up and deploy serverless lambda in Rust.

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