Sessione Kubernetes Security 101: Best Practices to Secure your Cluster - Cloud Day 2021
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Kubernetes Security 101: Best Practices to Secure your Cluster

(Trend Micro)
Lingua: Inglese
Orario: 15:15  -  16:00

This talk aims to give an overview about how Kubernetes works to and provide some best practices to secure your cluster whenever your are deploying a new cluster on your own or via managed services such as GKE, EKS or AKS. We are going to cover everything from the Control Plane or the Master Node, starting with the API server, including etcd, RBAC and network policies. Then, we’ll cover the worker nodes, kubelet, audit logs and pods best practices. We'll talk about the CIS Benchmarks for Kubernetes and the default configurations you need to worry about when deploying a new cluster. We'll show how to use RBAC and assign roles and permissions to your cluster users. We'll demonstrate how to enable audit logs for better visibility and later we'll set up some network policies to avoid communication between pods and prevent any lateral movement from attackers.

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